Description of common anaerobic equipment in gym


2022-01-25 10:43:06.569

For newbies who have just entered the gym, they don't understand anything when they just entered the gym, and they just watch how others practice, and then practice. This idea is wrong. Let's take a look at some of the anaerobic equipment commonly used in gyms and how to practice them. Interested friends, may wish to take a look with the editor!

1. Dumbbells. Dumbbells are one of the anaerobic instruments we are familiar with. Dumbbells are a simple machine for strengthening muscles. Its main material is cast iron, and some are also covered with a layer of rubber. In fact, for those who do not go to the gym, starting with a pair of dumbbells at home is also an option!

2. Barbell. Barbells are also one of the most common equipment in the gym. It is a combination of a Tito and a barbell plate. Barbells are core sports training equipment that is also used for weightlifting. It is a type of weight training. Barbell training equipment for improving muscle strength training. You can also use a barbell for core training to improve overall coordination.

3. High pull-down device. On popular fitness equipment, it's nothing more than a high pull-down! Do it for men, and you can have a generous back! Women do it to keep the posture straight! It trains the back by simulating the strength mode of the pull-up, if you are With pull-ups, you can't do it with your body up, so you shouldn't miss this equipment. In addition, the high retractor can be refined for different back muscle groups by changing out different drawbars and grip distances. There is a difference between high pull-ups and pull-ups. The pull-up is fixed, and the brachioradialis and biceps are more active. Pull the bar high with a pull-down to maximize activation of the long head of the triceps and rear deltoid.

4. Butterfly clip chest trainer. Butterfly clip chest trainer gets its name because it looks like two pairs of butterfly wings. Butterfly chest clip is a machine used for bird chest clips. Mainly exercise the chest muscles, mainly the pectoralis major, outline the chest line and make your chest muscles more distinct. The butterfly machine also has a magical action, which is the reverse butterfly machine flying birds. Its training focuses on the deltoid dorsal beam.

5. Leg flexion and extension trainer. The seated leg extension machine primarily trains the front of the thigh. this is very simple. Even beginners can hardly make mistakes. It is an independent single-joint exercise. This is well known and more popular in gyms. Aerobic training can reduce fat, only strength training can build a beautiful body.