Beware of the top ten fitness mistakes that make you not thin but fat


2021-09-26 09:42:13.081

Mistake #1: Thinking that morning exercise is best

Many people like to exercise in the morning, thinking that the air is fresh in the morning, but it is not. Air pollution is worst in the morning. In addition, people's blood viscosity is high in the morning, and it is easy to form blood clots. In fact, the heartbeat and blood pressure are the most stable at dusk, which is more suitable for fitness.

Mistake 2: Ignoring the warm-up

Preparation is a necessary step in fitness. Warming up before the activity can improve the excitement of the body, reduce the viscosity of the muscles, increase the flexibility of the joints, and avoid sports injuries.

Mistake 3: Persevering in exercising while sick

This is the most dangerous. If you feel unwell, you should suspend or reduce exercise, otherwise it will aggravate the condition and cause irreversible consequences. In particular, the elderly have poor immunity, and when their body is in an abnormal state, they must stop exercising.

Mistake 4: Activity on an empty stomach

Many people (especially in the morning) like to exercise on an empty stomach, which is very wrong. Exercise requires energy, and lack of energy can cause dizziness, rapid heartbeat, cold sweats and other problems, and in severe cases, sudden death may occur.

Mistake 5: The bigger the amount of exercise, the better

Excessive exercise can cause excessive fatigue, body aches and other discomforts, and even cause tendon and muscle strain. The correct exercise method is: start with a small amount of exercise and gradually increase the amount of exercise.

Mistake 6: Blind exercise

Exercise has both benefits and risks. The infirm must do a medical evaluation before exercising and choose an appropriate program. During the exercise, medical supervision should also be strengthened to ensure safety.

Mistake 7: Drinking a lot of water during exercise

Often feel thirsty during exercise, but avoid drinking a lot of water. The correct method is to take small mouths and slow down the throat. It is not advisable to add too much water each time, as long as it can relieve the symptoms of thirst. After 1 hour of exercising, replenish the lost water in the body.

Mistake 8: Sudden stop after strenuous exercise

During strenuous exercise, the heart beats faster, muscles and capillaries dilate, and blood flow accelerates. If you suddenly stop and rest, the muscle contraction stops, and the blood in the muscle cannot flow back to the heart smoothly, which will cause the blood pressure to drop and the brain to be temporarily ischemia, which may lead to palpitation, shortness of breath, dizziness, and even shock.

Mistake 9: Not finishing after exercise

The body is very excited after exercise. If you wait for natural relaxation, the speed will be slower. Doing grooming activities can help your body gradually relieve stress and avoid discomfort such as muscle soreness.

Mistake 10: Eating and bathing immediately after exercise

Eating or taking a bath immediately will increase the burden on the body and cause unnecessary harm.