Hydration is recommended in small amounts and multiple times


2022-07-22 09:54:48.675

In the case of mild dehydration symptoms or decreased exercise ability, if encountering high temperature conditions, it may even cause major accidents.

As the body temperature increases during exercise, if the ambient temperature and humidity are also high, the heat cannot be dissipated well, which will cause heatstroke. Therefore, it is necessary to add water before and during exercise, and wear clothes with better heat dissipation. If the temperature and humidity are too high, the exercise should be interrupted in time.

When exercising, minerals such as calcium and magnesium are depleted in the body.

Supplementing calcium and magnesium at the same time will increase the burden on the stomach and stomach, and it is easy to eat a bad stomach. Drinking soft water is relatively better, but the same mineral composition will be less. Therefore, if you use soft water to replenish water during exercise, you should also consume some foods containing salt and minerals.

Hard water is more suitable for supplementing minerals such as calcium and magnesium after exercise. Because it is easy to increase the burden on the stomach, it can be ingested in small amounts after exercise. Drinking hard water can also prevent accidents such as foot cramps and muscle cramps during exercise.