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① Whole body fitness equipment: such as 10 comprehensive training equipment, 16 functional fitness equipment for home use, etc.;

②Local fitness equipment: such as fitness bicycles, rowing machines, stair machines, treadmills, brisk walking, jogging, yoga, as well as calf curlers, heavy hammer pullers, calf lifts, etc.;

③Small fitness equipment: such as the well-known dumbbells, kettlebells, crank barbells, spring tensioners, fitness discs, elastic bars, grips, etc.

(1) Whole body fitness equipment

It is a comprehensive training equipment; it can be used for multiple people to perform circular or selective exercises on one equipment at the same time. This kind of fitness equipment is large in size, more complete in functions, and expensive, and is suitable for use in fitness centers, rehabilitation centers, and institutions or school gyms. It should be noted that although the multi-function treadmill is a whole-body fitness equipment, it only adds functions such as rowing, pedaling, push-ups, waist rotation, massage, etc. on the basis of the single-function treadmill, so the volume is not very large. Large and equally suitable for home gyms.

(2) Local fitness equipment

Most of them are special training equipment, with small structure, covering an area of ​​about 1 square meter, most of them can be folded, and some are also interesting. Its function is relatively single, mainly focusing on the exercise of local muscle groups. This type of equipment has both a power type with heavy loads such as counterweight weights and hydraulic cylinders, and a non-power type powered by itself, which does not require disassembly and assembly. Some are also equipped with electronic display devices such as time, speed, distance, heart rate, etc., so that exercisers can control the amount of exercise by themselves. Therefore, it is favored by fitness enthusiasts and is the "protagonist" of the home gym.

(3) Small fitness equipment

Although the size is small, the exercise value is not low. Taking adjustable dumbbells as an example, it is not only suitable for people of different ages, genders and physiques to exercise, but also can exercise all muscles of the body, and is an essential equipment for bodybuilding enthusiasts. Another example is the spring tensioner, which is light, compact, inexpensive, easy to store and easy to carry; it can also achieve the purpose of fitness and strengthening. And small fitness equipment like fitness balls are suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

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